Grand Inauguration

April 24. 2021 at 7pm

We spent a Saturday evening with our friends in the BCS community and our ex-members.

The Jubilee Year is only a short 8 months away. As the teams are being formed and the journey begins, we thought we will kick it off in style with a virtual event on Zoom. If we have missed you, you may replay the event below

Program details

Jubilee Inauguration Details!

Saturday April 24 from 7pm-9pm


Many of us had only heard about the 1997 BCS Silver Jubilee celebrations. With the collective efforts of a few members, we now had a chance to listen to Kalyan-da, Ranajit-da, Subha-di, watch Raktakarabi drama, enjoyed songs by Rezwana Chowdhury Banya, Amiya-da. In addition, (then) children’s music, dance, adult poems, dance programs etc., took us back to the yesteryears. You will love this 30-minute compilation video “কতদিন দেখা হয়নি…”.


Yes, we have not met in a long time! So, we had invited a few former BCS members and BCS youth to join us in a panel discussion. They fondly remembered their times in Cleveland. This was our chance (virtually, for now) to reconnect with old friends. And for newcomers, this was a chance to know from them how BCS was back then. We look forward to having them in person next year in Cleveland.


The Trivia show host had posed these questions to us – How good are you with BCS Trivia? Can you recognize the celebrities who were a part of past BCS festivities? How ardently have you followed everything BCS?

In the final phase of the party, we REJOICED in an informal, fun-filled Quiz session to rediscover the rich past of BCS. No entry forms needed to be submitted, and nothing was needed for participants to prepare. The zoom participants present in the party joined impromptu and had great fun answering the questions thrown at them by the Trivia show host.

(Participation in this Zoom event was limited to BCS members and invited guests only)