BCS Golden Jubilee Commemoration – 2022

The year 1972 – Atari bringing out the first generation of video games, the Swedish band ABBA bursting on the scene, NASA starting the Space Shuttle program, Fischer beating Spassky in chess, Brando starring in The Godfather, Watergate scandal, Dow crossing 1000, Bangladesh recognized by UN as a sovereign nation – the world witnessed spectacles that would forever be history. Meanwhile, a group of immigrant pioneers in the midwestern town of Cleveland, dared to formalize a group – Bengali Cultural Society of Cleveland, fondly calling it BCS.

Since that humble beginning, BCS has marched on and found itself on the doorstep of history again. The year 2022 marked 50 years of this organization – only the fourth Bengali organization in North America to cross this historic milestone.

To commemorate, we hosted a series of events and activities in 2022. Through it all, we have aimed to Remember, Reconnect, and Rejoice.


Bijoya Sammilani event – Natya Mela (Drama Fest)
November 5, 2022

As part of the BCS Jubilee celebration, we had a grand finale of our year-long sequence of celebratory events. This was a part of the BCS Bijoya Sammilani.


Bollywood & Beyond
August 20, 2022

A message from Padmashri Kavita Krishnamurti and Dr. L. Subranmaniam…

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BCS Global Virtual Conference
April 23-24, 2022

Following the April 16 in-person event, this was an online event for the global audience.

This event was a virtual meeting ground of ex-Clevelanders, invited celebrities, and general attendees interested in learning more about Bengalis in North-East Ohio and their contribution to the community-at-large.  More…

Together We Keep It Flowing

অর্ধশতের পূর্ণ কলস স্মৃতিসুধায় ভরা —
দূর প্রবাসে কৃষ্টিরসে এমনি বহে ধারা

On the occasion of our Golden Jubilee, we held a grand celebration curtain-raiser at the Berkman Hall Auditorium of the Cleveland State University. We showcased the journey of our organization and her memberships in a story telling manner based on different art forms including songs, dance, drama, recitation etc. If you have missed the event you can watch the event on-demand and learn more about it. More…

BCS Cleveland Film Festival partnership

We are proud to share that for the first time in its history, Bengali Cultural Society (BCS) of Cleveland became a designated Community Partner for the just-concluded 46th Cleveland International Film Festival (Playhouse Square Mar 30-Apr 9, 2022; CIFF46 Streams Apr 10-17, 2022). More…

Jubilee Grand Inauguration Event
Saturday Apr 24, 2021 at 7pm

Thank you for joining us as we begun the journey towards the grand commemoration. If we have missed you, you may watch the event here.

We looked back to Remember the last five decades. We brought to you stories from the past, introduce you to the personalities who gave and continue to give BCS its colors, and built a digital archive of photos, videos, and creatives that adorned the Pujo magazines.

The events provided an opportunity to Reconnect – with our friends and family, and the former BCS members who may be now spread across different corners of the globe. Through the virtual events and the physical events, we re-built the large BCS community, even if all of us may not be together anymore.

And we did Rejoice! The spirit of bangaliyana, the beautiful sight and sound of the Bengali language, our Bengali art and culture – this splendid tapestry was on full display through a series of events in 2022.

Looking Back