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Movie Screening: Dostojee

  • March 30, 2023

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BCS, we’re glad to present an award winning movie, Dostojee!

Dostojee is a 2021 Indian Bengali-language drama film written and directed by Prasun Chatterjee.

Dostojee appeals to both children and grownups alike! It’s about two 8-year old boys navigating a growing religious divide in this portrait of childhood set after the destruction of India’s Babri Mosque. The film won the top prize, the Golden Shika Award, at the Nara International Film Festival for 2022

Date:  4/30/23

Time:  4:00pm ET


Atlas Cinemas Eastgate 10

1345 Som Center Rd

Mayfield Heights, OH 44124

Tickets (75 seats total)

  • Group A: $15 for seating in the first 5 rows  (46 seats)
  • Group B: $20 for seating in last 3 rows  (29 seats)

Tickets will be sold first come first served. We have a lot of interest already, so please reserve as soon as possible!

  1. Send email to: 
  2. Subject:  Dostojee
  3. Message should include
    1. First and Last Name
    2. Phone #
    3. Choose either Group A ($15) or Group B ($20)
    4. # of tickets

Upon receipt of your email, we’ll send your tickets via email and whatsapp.

Kindly bring payment via check or cash at the event.  

Thank you, we look forward to enjoying the movie together!