Metronic FrontEnd

Emergency Fund

  • July 15, 2021
  • BCS Executive Committee

As per the discussion in our last GBM back in February 2021, an emergency fund has been created with an initial donation from a few members.  This fund is currently being managed by a committee comprising of Brojesh Pakrashi, Meera Chatterjee, Jaharul Haque, Bhaswati Bandyopadhyay, and the current BCS President, Kingshuk Das.

This fund is created to have readily available cash to help members in need right away without having to go through a bureaucratic process. There have been heartbreaking examples in the recent past when BCS members needed funds during personal emergencies. 

The aforementioned committee members are working on various fund policies, which will be presented at a future GBM for members’ approval. We will keep you posted on how you can contribute to this fund once we finalize all policies on fund collection, maintenance, disbursements, etc.

Stay safe and enjoy the Summer.