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Poems of Kathy Ghosh


I dream of love that's sweet and fresh,
Pure of agony and dispair.
To make my life joyous,
For sun that will shine forever more.

Mother and Child

The bond between mother and child can never grow old,
The ties may loosen,
And they may strain,
But the love that one knew on the day one was born will havea grip on the
heart for years to come.
So roads may divide us-hearts will surprise us-for hearing the sound of
mother will provide us the treasure of knowing bothe hearts are bonded
because the realationship is called mother and child.

A Poem I Write

A poem I write of my dreams,
My hopes,
My loves,
Of all I must find.

A poem I write to tell my woes,
To clean my soul,
To freshen my mind.

A poem I write to conquer my spirits of all distrust...


In the gardens there are the fragrances of nature;
The softness of light beaming on roses, daisies, and daffodils.
The glow of sunshine beams through the trees,
Willow, Maple, Oak.
And the fragrance in the air lights up my heart with the serenity of nature.

Your my sunshine,
To brighten my day,
My energy,
To rise and adhere,
My sheer pleasure to be near,
Every moment of every year.

Note: Recently, Julie and Monica have compiled all of Kathy's poems in an unpublished (so far) book that is for private circulation only


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