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Every year we are celebrating our cultural through a host of programs and social gatherings that include Saraswati, Lakshmi & Durga Puja. We provide a platform for our children to learn, understand and practice their prosperous heritage. A lot of our sweet memories are seeing these children to grow up from tiny cute toddlers to successful professionals. As time passes the passage of our beloved one has added sorrow to this mix. As a cultural organization we have invited notable celebrities from West Bengal and other places. Some of the images from past are linked in this page.


Photos from Saraswati Puja Feb. 2004 (click to see larger images)

Most of the committee

The electorate

little dancers

& their performance
other per-formers
Greetings from Mentor and some

Photos from drama "Satyii Bhuter Gappo" Nov. 2003 (click to see larger images)
Rabindra_Najrul Jayanti 2003 (Dance drama: "Shayama") (click to see larger images)
Videos from "Shayama"
Photos from Saraswati Puja 2003

Pandel preparation



Serving dinner

We are pals

Pagal Kairya dilo

Spectators (sari display)




Oct. 2000 Durga Puja 2000
Feb. 2000 Saraswati Puja 2000
Nov. 1999 Sukalyan's Workshop at Cleveland School of Arts (1999)
Oct.1981 Can you name these celebrities (local) from 1981
Oct. 1978 First Durga Puja 1978

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